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Starting on Chapter 1 Requiem

2010-04-12 10:32:46 by SiloZen

Im starting the first character, theres some characters you wont know but ill introduce them soon :)

Also, Voices FTW!

My Friend AR-29 is going to read out the intro in the flash, you can read out his story

The Story


wish me luck.


2010-04-05 16:13:26 by SiloZen


Moar timez?

2010-04-05 12:08:48 by SiloZen

Anybody think i need more time or shall i show you what ive been working on?

Im Back and Ready To Kick Ass!

2010-03-18 11:56:05 by SiloZen

from my brief 2 year animation block, im finally back, im starting with the intro, you guys are gonna see the real silozen adventures, except its not silozen adventures anymore, its Sar.


hey NG
The picture below is the second of the three wallpapers ive designed
For you people who like A.r and his psychic powers ive designed the Psylord Wallpaper
:D Enjoy!

Second SiloZen Adventures Wallpaper!

Hey NG
The picture Below is the first wallpaper i have designed for the silozen project

Also as a Note, There is no More stop at 10, There is goin to be 5 chapters!
Each chapter has 2+ Episodes, no more than 10.

First ever SiloZen Wallpaper lol!

Upgraded Characters.

2008-06-04 05:47:58 by SiloZen

Hey NG
these are some new characters i made..
This will also be on SZA
PezFerno (PezFerno Ultimate)
SparkZon (LenZen Ultimate)
New AliZen...
and the last one..
TorZano X (Jolt Ultimate)

Upgraded Characters.

MechQuest Madness Mod

2008-05-10 08:22:28 by SiloZen

Hey NG this is a big post so listen up
I am currently making the first ever mechquest Madness mod
With mechquest weapons,armor and stuff...

and also a new game story on the mod...
so also the sats is over

reason is
because silozen is way to hard to redraw and may take to much time..
also with the SATS arriving soon.. its gonna be a hard one to get part 8 finished...


2008-04-20 09:40:01 by SiloZen

There is not going to be a war.. i have changed my mind..
Theres going to be something different..
but im not saying
Also feel free to put comments on here while part 7.5 is in judgement